Wednesday, April 29, 2009


it's the name of the game. the game I play every day. let's play another game... a giveaway game! if you can correctly guess the name of the next two shows I am in, and who I am sharing with, and what my favorite material is- you could win something of my choosing- probably earrings- but it could be a set of cards I make or something I knitted... The catch is that you have to also follow me on twitter and on this blog. you'll have to look at my regular website too probably. then you have to comment here- and the first correct answer wins and the next few correct answers get put in a drawing and someone other than me will choose the winner.

ok well that's fun... now I guess I will go back to my boring life of listening to TV and making jewelry.

good-bye diary

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Amanda K Lockrow said...

I'll post this up on my blog.
My guesses are
Patchwork and you are sharing with Candy
Acre and you are sharing with Candy again
Favorite material I would guess is rose gold but it could be other things too.