Tuesday, May 19, 2009

finger polkadots

phew so patchwork is over- and it was a huge success! thank you everyone at patchwork for that!!! my feet are still recovering- I need more comfortable shoes. or I need to suddenly be 18 again. since option 2 isn't happening, ugly comfort here I come!

the other thing I learned while at patchwork was that while needle felting I should wear something on my finger... I looked at them and they were FULL of brown dots- I think I tattooed my fingertips with yarn. is that possible? well anyway I love the process and I just need to fine tune it so I am not injured for life.

here are some of the things I created for the show

I will post more tomorrow... that's a lot of pictures for today. They all have handmade sterling backs so that they are reversible- which I am pretty happy with. soon I will have some for sale in my etsy shop.

I saw some GREAT work at Patchwork and met some awesome people so I hope to find their sites today to share with you.

off to the grind now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more time consuming things

so I learned how to needlefelt (well my friend heather showed me- not sure I learned) I made a few "beads" that I want to use in silver and I can't figure out how to get them into the silver... any suggestions? here they are: each an inch or less...

I also photographed a few new things for my upcoming show... www.patchworkshow.com it's this weekend in santa ana (sunday) and it should be HOT out but also fun. I get to share again with my friend Candy who I love! she is such a talented knitter- but she can do ANYTHING. it's amazing.

check out my new photos on my flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/myfriendroze/

hope to see people out at Patchwork!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


well I got in! I get to go to san francisco and hope the people in that city like my stuff! (and buy it of course) I was 1/2 hoping I didn't get in because I needed a refund on the $ but, here's hoping it was worth it!

I am really looking forward to spending time with my friend kelley while I am there and she has so nicely extended her home to me. she doesn't know what she's in for... it's a lot of crap to put in the house.

I am also looking forward to my mission burrito mmmmmm elfarolito. OMG they have a website now! www.elfarolitoinc.com maybe they aren't as good and down and dirty as they used to be. uh oh. I get the super burrito. it's humongous and yes I eat the whole thing every time. I will take photos then.

on another note my needle felting materials came in and I hope I can make something cool out of it... because right now- not so much enjoying what came of my last experiment. the needle felting stuff looks great but pairing it with silver is causing me pain.

anyway off to craft/create/eat.... or do something.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mother's day

to my mom!! ( and any other moms out there...) even though it's a hallmark holiday, you still deserve it.

here is what I made for my mother and it actually got there in time!

it's super long so it fits over her head and doesn't have a clasp. she said it was a machaiah. In my terms that meant she was happy that it was easy to use. I think that's yiddish for blessing.

today I am making a few more necklaces for my upcoming show next weekend. www.patchworkshow.com. it's a drive to get to in santa ana but last show I did very well and I get to share with my friend Candy again! (pinkcandystudios.com)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sometimes you just forget

I totally forgot to post anything from unique LA- like photos... that might be because I didn't take any. ooops. well I did enjoy spending time with my friends and there was tons of cool stuff there...

today I am doing my least favorite thing. fixing someone elses jewelry. I know all of you jewelers get this from your friends "can you fix this for me?" argh and I can never say no. so here I am fixing stuff.

on the upside I am going to learn needle felting today- that should be fun..

OH and I got accepted to the MSIA (metalsmithsinaction) team on etsy- yay I am actually a metalsmith!

ok off to finish things and stuff.


Monday, May 4, 2009


I never knew how much energy shows take out of me. I wanted to sleep all day today. Basically I did. Setting up and breaking down are the least of it. Standing all day, and talking to people who want jewelry for $5 is super draining. Does no one understand what labor is? I don't want to pay myself $5 an hour- but apparently that's what people think we should make. I don't think $65 is a lot for a handcrafted mosaic necklace but apparently unique los angeles- it is. Sadly I didn't do too well this weekend- and it seems neither did many people.

So instead of making anything new I sat on the computer today and then I cooked up a fresh fava bean/potato salad, a vegetable couscous dish (with FRESH garbanzo beans- they taste TOTALLY different) and borani for dinner. For a "light" dinner it took me quite some time and every dish in the house.. But it was delicious and not the same thing I eat every day! if you want any recipes let me know... I'll post em.

I am still offering my contest- so anyone that wants something- check it out!