Monday, May 4, 2009


I never knew how much energy shows take out of me. I wanted to sleep all day today. Basically I did. Setting up and breaking down are the least of it. Standing all day, and talking to people who want jewelry for $5 is super draining. Does no one understand what labor is? I don't want to pay myself $5 an hour- but apparently that's what people think we should make. I don't think $65 is a lot for a handcrafted mosaic necklace but apparently unique los angeles- it is. Sadly I didn't do too well this weekend- and it seems neither did many people.

So instead of making anything new I sat on the computer today and then I cooked up a fresh fava bean/potato salad, a vegetable couscous dish (with FRESH garbanzo beans- they taste TOTALLY different) and borani for dinner. For a "light" dinner it took me quite some time and every dish in the house.. But it was delicious and not the same thing I eat every day! if you want any recipes let me know... I'll post em.

I am still offering my contest- so anyone that wants something- check it out!

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