Tuesday, May 12, 2009


well I got in! I get to go to san francisco and hope the people in that city like my stuff! (and buy it of course) I was 1/2 hoping I didn't get in because I needed a refund on the $ but, here's hoping it was worth it!

I am really looking forward to spending time with my friend kelley while I am there and she has so nicely extended her home to me. she doesn't know what she's in for... it's a lot of crap to put in the house.

I am also looking forward to my mission burrito mmmmmm elfarolito. OMG they have a website now! www.elfarolitoinc.com maybe they aren't as good and down and dirty as they used to be. uh oh. I get the super burrito. it's humongous and yes I eat the whole thing every time. I will take photos then.

on another note my needle felting materials came in and I hope I can make something cool out of it... because right now- not so much enjoying what came of my last experiment. the needle felting stuff looks great but pairing it with silver is causing me pain.

anyway off to craft/create/eat.... or do something.

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