Thursday, April 30, 2009

pretty new stones

look at all these inspirational gorgeous faceted cabs just sitting there in bags... and of course I am inspired into non-action- I mean I don't want to waste them on just ANYTHING....

I picked these lovelies out in India when I was there and now I just want to put them in my mouth like a two year old.

also I wanted to show a new mosaic piece I made with my new hammers and another new stone:


ok so now I feel small- no one wants to win?m ok I will give you jewelry if you want it... and if you don't then you pick something else from my other etsy shops..

see below post

more to come I have some photos of new pieces I want to share.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


it's the name of the game. the game I play every day. let's play another game... a giveaway game! if you can correctly guess the name of the next two shows I am in, and who I am sharing with, and what my favorite material is- you could win something of my choosing- probably earrings- but it could be a set of cards I make or something I knitted... The catch is that you have to also follow me on twitter and on this blog. you'll have to look at my regular website too probably. then you have to comment here- and the first correct answer wins and the next few correct answers get put in a drawing and someone other than me will choose the winner.

ok well that's fun... now I guess I will go back to my boring life of listening to TV and making jewelry.

good-bye diary

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Diary

That's what this feels like to me, a diary. I guess I could try to be more creative- but who has time for that?

my new hammers came today! happy birthday to ME!

I opened em up and realized that I only want one of them, the one I thought I wanted in the first place... I already used that one on a piece and when it's finished I will post it.

I also used my new stones today- just a few of them.

ok I am boring today- gotta get back to work

Monday, April 27, 2009

happy monday

I wonder if this blog should be called procrastinating. It's monday and I have only a few days until my show this weekend, (I have free passes too so feel free to contact me if you want to come down), and instead of making things, here I am watching Tivo and writing my blog.

This weekend I was so happy I got to see my friends from Australia whom I haven't seen in 10 years... (at least) so sunday we made pizzas and drank wine and I didn't do any work for my show. Also a friend from NY was in town so I got to see her too and saturday we all went to the beach and walked around. In the evening was a friends birthday so I went to their house... no work done.

getting the drift? what can I do today to avoid work? comment with any suggestions- though I don't think I need any help I can just stare into space for hours...

Friday, April 24, 2009

morning sunshine

ugh. my inherited cat woke me at 4:45am attempting to protect the house from other cats. that noise he makes is insane! you know, the one that is a cross between a screaming infant and what you would think a ghost would sound like and a cat. So I figured I would get up and face the day a bit early....My dog on the other hand thought that was a bad idea and went back to sleep. I tried desperately to get her to go out, but the sprinklers were on. I basically threw her in it and she just stood there getting wet. Now I have a drowned rat, not a Maltese for a pet-an angry one at that.

While I was procrastinating yesterday, I got this awesome dress yesterday from my friend.

now I don't look like that in it and, it's a different color combination but it's super cool. (and she sizes generously so I can wear a SMALL!!!)
check her stuff out here.

Ok I just tried to explain blogging and twitter to my mom. I don't think I was successful, especially since I am not too sure myself what the point is.

Anyway off to make some jewelry- I swear.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's like your vitamins

you should do it every day. Blogging that is.

I'm super excited to begin to get started becoming motivated. In other words- I'm not yet motivated. But I have some great reasons to be. For example I have some upcoming shows, but more importantly I just got some amazing stones I ordered from India! They are all interesting cuts similar to this:

when I have photos of all of them laid out I'll show you- most of them are pretty beautiful.

I did get motivated enough to make a pair of earrings with some awesome smoky (ey) -can no one tell me which way to spell that?- topaz I got in India. Well I just wire wrapped it because it was so pretty I didn't want to hide them in something. you can buy them here.

also yesterday I spent time with my friend candy and she knitted my dog a little sweater, and also knitted some dog and cat toys she is super talented. we are gonna have a store for our dog and cat stuff soon! (I make pet ID tags) we need a name- any suggestions?

well i suppose I should do SOMETHING away from the computer today.

happy day after earth day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ok I'm gonna do it

Happy earthday everyone! today I decided I am finally going to write my blog. I started awhile ago and then I didn't do it. So I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK.

Today I promised myself I would make 10 things for my upcoming shows which are patchwork, unique LA, ACRE and Montrose arts and crafts show. 10 doesn't seem like enough but I have to start somewhere!

Come out and see me if you have the chance. Mention my blog and get 10% more off of my show prices! more info is on my website

Last night I went to this restaurant wurstkuche again for the second time in a week! You would think I eat meat. Both times the veggie sausage was not so great but they told me last night that they are changing their veggie options next week! so that's good because it's cheap and a fun place to go!

ok I'm off to go eat breakfast and make stuff and enjoy earthday! maybe I will buy one of these for my earthday contribution.