Friday, April 24, 2009

morning sunshine

ugh. my inherited cat woke me at 4:45am attempting to protect the house from other cats. that noise he makes is insane! you know, the one that is a cross between a screaming infant and what you would think a ghost would sound like and a cat. So I figured I would get up and face the day a bit early....My dog on the other hand thought that was a bad idea and went back to sleep. I tried desperately to get her to go out, but the sprinklers were on. I basically threw her in it and she just stood there getting wet. Now I have a drowned rat, not a Maltese for a pet-an angry one at that.

While I was procrastinating yesterday, I got this awesome dress yesterday from my friend.

now I don't look like that in it and, it's a different color combination but it's super cool. (and she sizes generously so I can wear a SMALL!!!)
check her stuff out here.

Ok I just tried to explain blogging and twitter to my mom. I don't think I was successful, especially since I am not too sure myself what the point is.

Anyway off to make some jewelry- I swear.

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SudsMuffin said...

Love the dress. I can explain blogging to my Mom ok. Twitter seems out of her reach. LOL