Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's like your vitamins

you should do it every day. Blogging that is.

I'm super excited to begin to get started becoming motivated. In other words- I'm not yet motivated. But I have some great reasons to be. For example I have some upcoming shows, but more importantly I just got some amazing stones I ordered from India! They are all interesting cuts similar to this:

when I have photos of all of them laid out I'll show you- most of them are pretty beautiful.

I did get motivated enough to make a pair of earrings with some awesome smoky (ey) -can no one tell me which way to spell that?- topaz I got in India. Well I just wire wrapped it because it was so pretty I didn't want to hide them in something. you can buy them here.

also yesterday I spent time with my friend candy and she knitted my dog a little sweater, and also knitted some dog and cat toys she is super talented. we are gonna have a store for our dog and cat stuff soon! (I make pet ID tags) we need a name- any suggestions?

well i suppose I should do SOMETHING away from the computer today.

happy day after earth day!


Amanda K Lockrow said...

That should be a cool store between both of your things! I wondered how you were going to have three stores.

Hope you are feeling motivated today.

SudsMuffin said...

Love those gems. The smokey topaz is great! I have a store. We've been open for 2 years now. For yours, how about calling it Reigning Cats & Dogs? well ok, maybe not because people would need to remember how to spell it. lol