Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ok I'm gonna do it

Happy earthday everyone! today I decided I am finally going to write my blog. I started awhile ago and then I didn't do it. So I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK.

Today I promised myself I would make 10 things for my upcoming shows which are patchwork, unique LA, ACRE and Montrose arts and crafts show. 10 doesn't seem like enough but I have to start somewhere!

Come out and see me if you have the chance. Mention my blog and get 10% more off of my show prices! more info is on my website

Last night I went to this restaurant wurstkuche again for the second time in a week! You would think I eat meat. Both times the veggie sausage was not so great but they told me last night that they are changing their veggie options next week! so that's good because it's cheap and a fun place to go!

ok I'm off to go eat breakfast and make stuff and enjoy earthday! maybe I will buy one of these for my earthday contribution.

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cigarboxbeads said...

hi roze!

i've been meaning to tell you over and over again that i love your bubble wrap jewels~ ;>)

( found this on twitter!)
marilyn g