Tuesday, May 19, 2009

finger polkadots

phew so patchwork is over- and it was a huge success! thank you everyone at patchwork for that!!! my feet are still recovering- I need more comfortable shoes. or I need to suddenly be 18 again. since option 2 isn't happening, ugly comfort here I come!

the other thing I learned while at patchwork was that while needle felting I should wear something on my finger... I looked at them and they were FULL of brown dots- I think I tattooed my fingertips with yarn. is that possible? well anyway I love the process and I just need to fine tune it so I am not injured for life.

here are some of the things I created for the show

I will post more tomorrow... that's a lot of pictures for today. They all have handmade sterling backs so that they are reversible- which I am pretty happy with. soon I will have some for sale in my etsy shop.

I saw some GREAT work at Patchwork and met some awesome people so I hope to find their sites today to share with you.

off to the grind now.


Chocolate and Steel said...

these are all so beautiful! I love the pink one with the circles on top. You are very unique.

Alison Kelley said...

I love these Rose! I think you have created something so unique and something that can be known just as you! I love them all!